At AGT, we operate based on many years of experience in the fields of fashion, clothing, bags, shoes, travel necessities, handicrafts, and electronic equipment essential in daily life. 

Our specialty is collecting news and research and preparing interesting and widely used things. We strive to make daily life more beautiful and simple for our customers. This requires skill and experience. Our art is to discover and present new things in everyday life. 

The industry of clothing, leather, travel accessories, bags, the world of electronic and mobile accessories are among the specialized fields of our business. We provide the best of the day from all over the world and offer it to our customers at incredible prices.

We will be happy to be the best for our customers.  See our products and become our new friends .


IT, Software and web development department

Mostafa Barmshory

Mostafa,  With an excellent history of working in the computer and network security industry, PHP, Bash, Graphics Processing Unit, Java and many other skills he is the leader of IT/Software and Web department.

Masood Zarei

Masood, for many years he has been a core of our Software and Web development team. He is a hard worker and always is about to learn new knowledge. Every hard work will be easy when he is there.

Ali Abdollahi

Ali, With great knowledge of IT and network management he is our IT manager. Also, he is our graphist and does wonderful designing. With good knowledge, he is also one of our best market strategists.

Mohammad Hadi Mansouri

Hadi, a full-stack software developer, web designer, market analyzer, and many other fantastic skills. With a wide range of experiences, He is the heart of the team and always finds a way to every work and problem.